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College Magazine

A college magazine named “Patrageet” is published annually to encourage the students’ literary skill. Here they get sufficient scope for becoming a prospective writer/thinker.

The college magazine is , a vehicle for giving expression to the students inner most feelings and sentiments. An article published in the magazine makes the writer wild with joy. He sees his name in print times without number and feels excitingly elated. Thus serves as an incentive to his future writings. These when ripened are likely to make him a literature of note.

The college magazine polishes the tastes of the students. They know that anything and everything will not be published in the magazine. This makes them cultivate good taste. And this will be of immense service to them in their future life. It teaches them discipline in writing. Articles of unmanageable length are not accepted for publication in the magazine. For chances are to be given to a large number of students.

 It introduces them to think and read. Each contributor of an article desires his contribution to be appreciated and highly spoken of. For this he is to consult books other than his texts. Thus it helps to develop the habit of reading. It creates a spirit of healthy competition among the students. Every writer desires his articles to be judged as acceptable. This creates a spirit of rivalry which leads to the production of better articles. It thus makes the writers more and more careful, polished and artistic.