Library Facility


 This College has a large library.It is situated in the ground floor of the New Academic  Building (Extreme

   North Sides).The library is a place of silence. There is no noise here.  Every body    treats it as    a sacred place. .Each library card holder borrow two books at a  time  for seven days (may be    extended for another week after proper renewal).

   This library equipped with 12799 books. Some of the books are meant for students    especially,    because they pertain to their courses and syllabi. But some books are of  general   inter­est.         Most  of the books by the great writers in English, Hindi and some  other languages can be         found in  our college library.There are different catalogues  of books.We have the books on         literature,history, political science, ge­ography,  philosophy  etc.

 Beside necessary books, question papers,journals,model questions and answers are  also available there on separate stands.Books are arrangedsubject-wise.