Enrolment-cum-Registration Form Fill Up for 1st Yr. students:

1st yr. students must take utmost care during Enrolment-cum-Registration Form fill up process as and when notified by the college authority.

  • They must be present in the college as per the schedule of Registration as notified by the college authority.
  • Put carefully the subject abbreviations in the boxes as taken by the candidate during the time of admission.
  • See the related abbreviations of the subjects (Hons./General course, combination & compulsory languages) as printed on the reverse of the Registration Form.
  • Any sorts of mistake will lead to severe anomalies in future.
  • Students must check carefully the subjects as printed on the Registered students list before putting their signature’s.
  •  Subjects as printed on the Registration-cum-Enrolment form will appear as same as combination during fill up.
  • No correction will be entertained in future if not pointed out by the concerned student before putting his signature.